"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen."
1 Peter 4:10-11 (NIV)

Day 4, Saturday April 19: First Day of Patients

Before I get started with details of Saturday, let me show you around New Day Orphanage a little via pictures. 

Inside the dining hall. This was a Tuesday family night dinner with everyone!

Walking from the guest house towards the end where the dining hall, pavilion for church, boys and girls houses, school houses, staff houses, etc. are all located. Note the water tower to the left of the road...this is great to climb for beautiful sunset pictures. 

View of the guest house, "The Ark", from the top of the water tower. This is where we stayed and worked out of. Two of the bedrooms are not finished yet, so they made perfect work areas for us. John had one room, and Chris and I set up in the other. 

A few of the boys in front of their house. 

The kids in action playing football (soccer) on their playing field.

The pavilion where church service is held. 

Just one of the many outdoor lights that were recently installed by a mission team that light the pathways at night for safety. Almost all of the lights have name plates for those who donated for them, whether it is given by, in honor, or in memory of. Jason and I donated for one light. 

Saturday started early for us. All 4 of us along with Wes, Geoff (Wes' friend who stayed 5 weeks at New Day and left on our flight back) and Elizabeth (social worker at New Day who translated for us) set off in Bus Number New Day to the Macha radio station to meet patients. The radio station had been announcing for several weeks that our team would be coming and for those who need prosthetic legs or eyes to meet at the radio station on Saturday morning. The radio is a good way of getting the message out since a lot of villages have at least one radio and people spread the word. 

Macha radio station.

Elizabeth translating for Chris. This is Jessica's husband they are talking to. 

One of the patients who came to the radio station, Jessica. You can see her blue head scarf..she's sitting in the ox cart. She and her husband had traveled by ox cart to the radio station and had been waiting for us to arrive. Jessica has a prosthesis that's at least 50 years old...her husband has done several repairs to it over the years but it is badly damaged and does not fit properly. Chris saw her in 2012 but she did not have enough materials to make her a new prosthesis, so Chris promised Jessica that she would be first on her next trip. Jessica and her husband remembered that promise and were excited to see Chris. 

Some women walking through Macha while we waited at the radio station for patients to come. Women carry all sorts of things on their heads...amazing balance!

After we picked up Jessica, her husband and Mr. Green (those were the only 2 patients who met us at the radio station) we went to the Macha hospital to see if anyone happened to go there instead of the radio station. This is outside of the hospital. Families whose loved ones are at the hospital camp out in this area for the duration.

We returned to New Day and found that 3 more people were waiting there for prosthetic legs. Chris and I started casting, and John saw Mr. Green for a check-up and cleaning of his prosthetic eye that John made him in 2012. Later in the day Anold came for casting; he brought his above knee prosthesis that Chris made in 2012 but hadn't been wearing it for a few months because the lock was broken. John also saw Hilda, who works at New Day, for impressions for a partial plate for teeth and another man came for a prosthetic eye. Total count of patients on day one: 5 for casting for Chris and I, plus one leg that had been brought for repair before we even arrived at New Day, and 3 for John. 

John working with Mr. Green.

This is Jessica's old prosthesis. 

John taking Hilda's impressions for teeth. 

A great picture of Esther (in the pink top) translating for us. She was so wonderful to not only cook for us while we were at New Day, but translate when patients came. She was excited to be able to help us with translating and seemed very touched that we came to provide these prosthetic services to the people of Zambia. We all loved getting to know Esther of the few weeks and hear her story.

This is Osia, who has a below knee amputation from a car accident.

Chris casting Joel for a below knee prosthesis. Joel walked for miles on his crutches to get to New Day.

John talking with one of his patients. 

This is Killion, who has a below knee amputation from a car accident last fall. He is a truck driver, which is how he lost his leg, so he was very interested to know if he can drive with the prosthesis. He also liked playing football (soccer) before his amputation, so I know he is very active. Initially when Killion came in, I had Esther translating but after a few minutes I figured out he spoke English and we got on quite well after that. :)

This is Alnold gettting casted for a new prosthesis. He brought his old one from 2012 that is broken but since he's a kid and is growing, he was re-casted for a new one. 

After all the patients had been seen, we walked down to see Kid's Club that happens Saturday evenings. Kid's Club is something like Wednesday night kid's group at churches here with a meal for the kids...consisting of nshima, beans and cabbage. Each kid gets a full plate of food, which in some cases is the biggest meal the surrounding village kids eat all week. 

Some of the kids playing before meal time.

It was so fun to watch all the kids sing and dance.

Everyone sitting under the trees eating their meal.

Jason got assigned fill the water cups duty. :)

To update on the "missing 4 bags story"....we obviously had left Lusaka before the remaining bags made it to the airport, so someone had to travel back to Lusaka to pick up our bags when they arrived Saturday night. A local guy named Steady, who has a truck to haul things, was hired to drive into Lusaka, pick up our 4 bags and some furniture for New Day. He left out Saturday morning to Lusaka and would drive back after picking up our bags at the airport to return Sunday morning. During his travel back at night (which is dangerous to do), thieves jumped on his truck at a construction point where he slowed down, cut the ropes and took 2 of our bags off the truck. Steady was able to get one back but they got away with the other. After he returned Sunday morning, we were able to figure out what bag was missing and thankfully it was not any supplies that were critical for our work. Several tools and supplies that would have been great to have were stolen but we could carry on. 

Whew!...missing luggage, flat tire, stolen supplies. Definitely opposition happening, but we just kept praying for God's guidance and a successful trip. 

*Next post is Day 5: Easter Sunday in Zambia

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