"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen."
1 Peter 4:10-11 (NIV)

Monday, Sept. 23- Tuesday, Sept. 24: Finishing fabrication and more patients!

Monday morning was another early start at the clinic. Andy and Graham were trying to finish all the rest of the laminations as we were needing to have everything completed by the end of Tuesday for Wednesday and Thursday fittings. We also had 2 more patients come on Monday to the clinic.

Vincent is a young boy who is neurologically involved, likely cerebral palsy but do not know the exact diagnosis. Here Amanda is working with his mother on exercises for them to do at home. Traci was also able to fit him with AFOs (ankle foot braces) that will help with positioning and providing stability for him to stand. He really needed a pediatric walker, so we got their contact information to call them if we could get a pedi walker for him and to also be able to follow up with them in future trips. 

So cool to see 2 lamination work stations! These guys were so awesome!

Traci sewing straps for the prosthesis for her patient Friday, who she also made the hand strap for holding the spoon.

Here I'm working on repair to Christopher's above knee prosthesis. He came to the clinic for check up and some repairs. We did some modifications to the socket to fit better, but I made sure Protashow has his contact information to be able to see him in April for a new socket. 

Amanda was able to work with Christopher on gait training. He wasn't bending the prosthetic knee when walking since he didn't feel confident and safe. After some therapy, he was walking very well!

Working in the clinic. Amanda had this fantastic cooling cloth that helped cool her down during the heat of the day. (I definitely want to get one of those)

Protashow worked with Andy and Graham on some laminations to get more instruction on this step of the process.

Lamination instructions.

It was great the Protashow could get more instruction from Graham, as a technician, on the lamination part. 

Amanda drilling holes in a finished socket for the attachment screws for the cloth sail portion to be attached. 

Traci cutting out a finished socket after lamination. The arm sleeves she's wearing (and Amanda in the previous picture) are to protect their skin from the itchy carbon dust.

I'm assembling locks in the prosthetic sockets. 

Graham and Protashow working on the last lamination. The resin lasted to get everything laminated!----like the loaves and fish. God provided, and there was even a little bit left over. 

Monday wrapped up with a beautiful sunset view from the clinic. The electricity was on most of the day, with the exception of about 10 minutes during the day. It was scheduled to go off at 9pm but went off at 7pm instead. The differing load shedding schedules plus the outages not following any schedules we had heard was incredibly confusing.

Tuesday was assembling prostheses and getting the clinic ready for patient fittings on Wednesday and Thursday. Here Amanda is attaching a sail to the prosthetic socket with screws.

Traci getting all the plaster models broken out and cleaning up this area. You can see our much needed generator in the picture.

Our rolling carts of finished sockets. Andy is working on putting lock mechanisms in the sockets that needed locks. 

Protashow smoothing the edges of a finished prosthetic socket.

Gray came to the clinic on Tuesday for new shoes. He has a foot deformity that makes it impossible to wear normal shoes. We had brought orthopedic shoes for his left foot and were able to give him several shoes to last him a while. He is not able to tolerate any attempt for correction or support of his foot, so he simply needs shoes that will accommodate his foot deformity.

The electricity had come back on at 10pm Monday night and stayed on through the day, which was great for us to be able to complete all the fabrication. It went off again at 6pm on Tuesday. 

On the way back to the Ark after working on Tuesday, we stopped to climb the water tower for sunset pictures and a great view.

Nurse Carol took a group photo of us from the ground. (Traci had opted to not climb the high tower)

I always love climbing the water tower for some calming sunset views during the trip.

A beautiful view to end our day on Tuesday. We were ready for patient fittings for Wednesday and Thursday.

Tuesday evening after dinner, we got a great surprise treat! Laurie and Wes had made homemade ice cream and brought it over the Ark after dinner. All the American staff came over for ice cream and visiting in the evening. Such fun and a nice cool treat!

*Next post: Wednesday, Sept. 25: Patient fittings Day #1

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